Ardex Services

Vancouver Island Decorative Concrete is proud a member of the Ardex (LevelMaster) program and has the full support of the Ardex Technical department.

By contracting the installation of an Ardex product throughVancouver Island Decorative Concrete, a member of the Ardex LevelMaster Installer Program, you have selected from among the most experienced and conscientious installers of Ardex products in the world. Each installation, performed according to Ardex recommendations by a LevelMaster Installer, is accompanied by an extended factory warranty of ten years and the full support of the Ardex Technical Service Department.

As the leading manufacturer of advanced technology subfloor preparation and concrete restoration products in North America, ARDEX has long been recognized as the standard by which all flooring preparation and concrete restoration products are evaluated by professional installers, architects, specifiers, and distributors throughout the flooring industry. With ARDEX, the job is done right the first time….every time!

Vancouver Island Decorative Concrete specializes in the following Ardex products:

  • Cementitious underlayments and toppings both trowelable and self leveling.
  • Moisture Control and remediation where excessive moisture vapour is present.  100 % warranty on entire flooring system and associated costs when installed overtop of Ardex MC system.
  • Ardex Designer Floors – As seen in Las Vegas
  • Exterior Concrete Resurfacing.

Self Levelers can be helpful in fast track construction to repair or level an undulated or poorly finished slab. Some of these products have self-drying technology where the water used during hydration is chemically bound in the leveler, so finish flooring products can be installed successfully overtop within hours of the leveler being installed. Self Levelers are also the fastest way to bring a floor back into spec and can be installed above or below grade, they DO allow moisture vapour transmission, and can be installed over metal,wood,cutback adhesive, terrazzo, concrete, epoxy, steel decking and gypsum.

Self Leveling Toppings come in base colors of white and grey. The base colors, similar to conventional concrete, can be manipulated topically or integrally to produce a vast arrangement of dramatic effects. Sawcuts, shotblasting, stenciling, seeding, honing, can also be incorporated to your custom floor topping to produce a unique and personalized effect.

Add vigor and life to your exterior concrete with an Ardex exterior Concrete Dressing.